VDUGLA44.736 Datasheet PDF – Crystal Oscillator

Part Number: VDUGLA44.736

Function: Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator / V-Type

Manufacturer: Vectron International

Image and Pinouts:

VDUGLA44.736 datasheet



This is Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator. Vectron’s V-Type Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) is a quartz stabilized square wave generator with a CMOS output and is tested at CMOS and TTL (5.0 volt operation) logic levels. The V-Type’s small footprint and low profile make it ideally suitable for PCMCIA applications as well as any other where size is limited but performance is required.


1. Output frequencies to 80.000 MHz

2. 5.0 or 3.3 V operation

3. Tri-State Output

4. Low jitter < 6ps rms

5. VCXO with CMOS outputs

6. APR to 100 ppm

7. 0/70 or –40/85 °C temperature range

8. Hermetically sealed ceramic SMD package




VDUGLA44.736 Datasheet PDF Download

VDUGLA44.736 pdf

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