W27E010-55 Datasheet PDF – 128K x 8 bits, Erasable EPROM

Part Number: W27E010-55

Function: 128K x 8 bits, High speed, Low power Electrically Erasable EPROM

Package: 32-pin DIP, SOP, PLCC

Manufacturer: Winbond


W27E010-55 datasheet



The W27E010-55 is a high speed, low power Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memeory organized as 131072 X 8 bits that operates on a single 5 volt power supply. The W27E010 provides an electrical chip erase function.


1. High speed access time : 45/55/70/90/120 nS (max.)
2. Read operating current: 30 mA (typ.)
3. Erase/Programming operating current : 1 mA (typ.)
4. Standby current: 5 mA (typ.)
5. Single 5V power supply
6. Fully static operation
7. All inputs and outputs directly TTL/CMOS compatible
8. Three-state outputs


Other data sheets are available within the file: W27E010-12, W27E010-45, W27E010-70, W27E010P-12

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W27E010-55 pdf