WS2801SO Datasheet PDF – Constant Current LED Driver

Part Number: WS2801SO

Function: 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver With Programmable PWM Outputs

Manufacturer: Unspecified


WS2801SO datasheet



The WS2801SO is a constant current LED driver. It is designed for indoor/ outdoor LED displays and decorative LED lighting system. It is suitable for LED cascading applications. The WS2801ownes 3 output channels, each channel can drive a constant current up to 30mA. WS2081 contains serial shift registers, data latches, output registers, band gap reference voltage generator, internal oscillator, and programmable constant output current drivers.




• Supports both constant voltage and constant current drive mode

• Programmable constant LED drive current

• Wide constant output current range 5~150mA

• Build in PWM dimming scheme for each output channel, supports free-run, especially suitable for low cost controller application

• PWM free-run capability(refresh rate(2.5KHz)

• Build in buffers to cascading data and clock to the next driver
• Output polarity reverse function

• Support hot swap

• Maximum input clock frequency 25MHz


WS2801SO Datasheet PDF Download

WS2801SO pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: WS2801-SO