YD-7388 Datasheet PDF – Quad Bridge Car Radio Amplifier

Part Number: YD-7388

Function: Quad Bridge Car Radio Amplifier

Package: HZIP25B

Manufacturer: E-Youda ( http://www.e-youda.com )

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YD-7388 datasheet


This is 25W four-channel (BTL) audio amplifier circuit. The YD-7388 is a class AB Audio Power Amplifier. It allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors for the fully complementary PNP/NPN output configuration.  The YD7388 is suitable for high end car radio applications.

The circuit characteristics are as follows:

Output power: Po = 25W × 4 (Vcc = 14.4V, BTL, RL = 4Ω, THD = 10%);

Four-channel BTL circuits are used, no external output capacitor, Using HZIP25B power package.


YD7388 pinout


1. High Output Power@ VCC=14.4V, f=1kHz, RL=4 Ω:
(1) 4 x 41W Max.
(2) 4 x 25W @THD=10%

2. All four channels adopt BTL circuit, no external output capacitor is needed;

3. With standby and mute functions;

4. The gain is fixed (Gv=26dB), and there are few peripheral components;

5. Built-in overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection;

Block diagram :


Other data sheets are available within the file: YD7388

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