Z86E08 PDF Datasheet – CMOS Z8 OTP Microcontroller

This post explains for the Microcontroller.

The Part Number is Z86E08, Z86E04, Z86E09, Z86E02.

The function of this semiconductor is CMOS Z8 OTP Microcontroller.

The package is DIP, SOIC 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Zilog ( www.zilog.com )

Preview images :

Z86E08 datasheet


The EPROM Programming interface is a byte-wide data interface with 7 control
inputs and a 17-wire connection.


1. 14 Input / Output Lines

2. Two analog comparators

3. WDT / Power-On Reset ( POR )

4. Clock-free WDT reset

Parallel Programming Interface :

The EPROM interface is a 17-wire connection. Review the part-specific pin diagrams in Figures 2 through 5 for part pin-out.

Pin Diagrams :

Device pin-out diagrams for the 18-pin DIP/SOIC and 20-pin SSOP are shown in Figures 2 through 5. There are two configurations for the 20-pin SSOP device the corresponding parts are identified in the diagrams. […]


Z86E08 Datasheet

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