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What is ZEN1020P?

This IC is an integrated circuit that is used to manage interrupts in a computer or electronic system. Interrupts are signals that are sent to the processor to indicate that an event has occurred, such as the completion of a data transfer or the occurrence of an error.

A programmable interrupt control IC typically includes a number of registers that can be programmed to control the behavior of the interrupts. For example, the registers can be used to enable or disable specific interrupts, set the priority level of the interrupts, and specify the type of interrupt handling that should be used.

Function: Z80 for the Interrupt Controller

Package: DIP 28 Pin

Manufacturer: Zenic


ZEN1020P datasheet



The ZEN1020P is a programmable interrupt control IC for Z80 and is used as a peripheral element of Z80 CPU. The ZEN 1020P supports mode 2 interrupts for up to eight factors. The interrupt mask and vector address specification are controlled by the program and it is also selectable whether to detect the occurrence of the interrupt factor by the edge or by the level. Also, by forming a daisy chain, it can handle even more interrupt control.



1. Z80 Programmable Interrupt Controller
2. 8 level up to support the cause of interrupt mode 2
3. interrupt mask for each interrupt source, specify the vector address is programmable
4. It can form a daisy chain
5. Maximum clock frequency 8MHz
6. Low power consumption by CMOS process adopted
7. + 5v single supply

Other data sheets are available within the file: ZEN1020

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