What is 1N4947? 1A, 800V, Fast Recovery Rectifier, Diode

What is 1N4947?

This is rectifier diode with a maximum rated voltage of 800V and a maximum rated current of 1A.
it suitable for use in high-voltage power supplies and motor control circuits. The high current rating allows it to handle high-power loads without damage.

Function: Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode

Package: Axial Leaded Hermetically Sealed Type

Manufacturer: Semtech Corporation


1N4947 datasheet



This is commonly used in high-voltage power supplies, motor control circuits, and other high-power applications that require high voltage and current ratings. It can also be used in flyback diode applications to prevent voltage spikes.


1. Low reverse leakage current

2. High voltage and current ratings of 800V and 1A, respectively

3. Rectifier diode with a low reverse leakage current

4. Maximum surge current of 30A

5. Slow switching speed (500ns typical)

6. High forward voltage drop of 1.2V typical

7. Hermetically sealed in Metoxilite fused metal oxide

8. Low forward voltage drop

9. These products are qualified to MIL-PRF-19500/359

1N4947 rectifier diode

Advantages Vs Disadvantages


1. High voltage and current ratings make it suitable for high-power applications
2. Low reverse leakage current improves circuit performance
3. Maximum surge current capability allows it to handle short-term overloads without damage


1. High forward voltage drop can cause power dissipation and reduce efficiency in voltage regulation and rectification circuits

2. Slow switching speed may limit its usefulness in applications that require rapid switching, such as power supply protection circuits

3. The high voltage and current ratings come at the expense of the diode’s speed and efficiency


Other data sheets are available within the file:

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1N4947 Datasheet PDF

1N4947 pdf

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