ZNBG3210 Datasheet PDF – FET Bias Controller

Part Number: ZNBG3210

Function: FET Bias Controller

Package: QSOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Zetex (Diodes)

Image and Pinouts:

ZNBG3210 datasheet


The ZNBG3210, ZNBG series of devices are designed to meet the bias requirements of GaAs and
HEMT FETs commonly used in satellite receiver LNBs, PMR cellular telephones etc.
with a minimum of external components.

With the addition of two capacitors and a resistor the devices provide drain voltage and
current control for three external grounded source FETs, generating the regulated
negative rail required for FET gate biasing whilst operating from a single supply. This
negative bias, at -3 volts, can also be used to supply other external circuits.


1. Provides bias for GaAs and HEMT FETs

2. Drives up to three FETs

3. Dynamic FET protection

4. Drain current set by external resistor

5. Regulated negative rail generator requires only 2 external capacitors

6. Choice in drain voltage

7. Wide supply voltage range

8. Polarisation switch for LNBs – supporting zero volt gate switching topology.

9. 22kHz tone detection for band switching



ZNBG3210 Datasheet PDF Download

ZNBG3210 pdf

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