CS8508E Datasheet – 8W, Mono Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number : BD9884FV

Function : Ultra-Low EMI, AB / D Switching, 8W, Mono Audio Power Amplifier

Package : ESOP-8L Pin Type

Manufacturers : ChipStar

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The CS8508E is a high-efficiency, ultra-low EMI, Class AB Class-D, 8-W mono audio amplifier. In the case of a supply voltage of 7.4V, the CS8508E can deliver 6.8W of power for a 4Ω load. The CS8508E has built-in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection to effectively protect the chip from damage under abnormal operating conditions.





1. No need to filter the Class-D structure
2. Class D mode with up to 90% efficiency
3. High power supply rejection ratio (PSRR): -80dB at 217Hz
4. Fast start-up time (40ms)
5. Low quiescent current (3mA)
6. Low Shutdown Current (<0.1μA)
7. Over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection
8. Rohs-compliant lead-free package


1. Multimedia speaker
2. Amplifier

Application Circuit




CS8508E Datasheet

CS8508E pdf