1-103638-5 Datasheet PDF – 16 Position, 2.54mm, Connector

Part Number: 1-103638-5

Function: .100 AMPMODU Headers, Housings & Contacts

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity


1-103638-5 datasheet



The 1-103638-5 is 6 Position, 2.54mm, Connector. A PCB mount header is an electronic component used in printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies to provide a connection point for other components or devices. It consists of a series of metal pins or sockets that are soldered to the PCB, and a plastic or metal housing that holds the pins or sockets in place.

PCB Mount Header, Vertical, Wire-to-Board, 16 Position, 2.54 mm [. 1 in] Centerline, Fully Shrouded, Gold, Through Hole – Solder, Signal.


1. Connector
2. Header
3. Connector Style = Plug
4. Contact Type = Pin
5. 2.54 mm Centerline

Official homepage : https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-11036385.html

Other data sheets are available within the file: 11036385

1-103638-5 Datasheet PDF Download

1-103638-5 pdf

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