1-106507-2 Datasheet PDF – 25 Position, 2.77mm, Connector

Part Number: 1-106507-2

Function: PCB D-Sub Connector

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity


1-106507-2 datasheet



The 1-106507-2 is 25 Position, 2.77mm, Standard Board Mount Connector.

This is PCB D-Sub Connectors, Receptacle, Cable-to-Board.

A D-Sub connector is a type of electrical connector widely used in computers and other electronic devices for data and video connections. It is also known as a D-subminiature connector, DA-15, or DB-25 connector, depending on its size and configuration.

D-sub connectors are used for a variety of applications, including serial and parallel data transfer, VGA and other video connections, audio and MIDI connections, and even power connections. They are popular due to their relatively low cost, durability, and versatility.


1. 25 Positions

2. Connector Style = Receptacle

3. PCB Mounting Orientation = Right Angle

4. Product Series = HD 20

5. With Mating Connector Lock

Official Homepage: https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-11065072.html

Other data sheets are available within the file: 1-106507-3, 11065072

1-106507-2 Datasheet PDF Download

1-106507-2 pdf


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