1008CS-XXXXXBX Datasheet – Chip Inductor ( PDF )

Part Number: 1008CS-XXXXXBX

Function: Chip Inductors–1008CS Series (2520)

Manufacturer: Coilcraft Inc

Image and Pinouts:

1008CS-XXXXXBX datasheet



These chip inductors are designed for the needs of today’s high frequency designer. Their ceramic construction delivers the highest possible SRFs and Q values. The non-magnetic coilform also ensures the utmost in thermal stability, predictability and batch consistency. CoilcraftDesigner’s Kit C100contains samples of all 5% inductance tolerance parts. Kits with 2% tolerance are also available.


• High SRF and excellent Q values

• Tight tolerances, many values at 1%

• 40 inductance values from 10 nH to 8.2 µH

Other data sheets are available within the file:

1008CS-100X, 1008CS-101X, 1008CS-102X, 1008CS-120X, 1008CS-121X

1008CS-XXXXXBX Datasheet PDF Download

1008CS-XXXXXBX pdf

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