1N4007 Recovery Rectifier – 1000V, 1A, Diode

Part Number: 1N4007


Package: DO-41 (Plastic)  Axial Lead Plastic Type

Manufacturer: Continental Device India Limited

1N4007 datasheet


A 1N4007 is 1000V, 1A, Recovery Rectifier. This is Axial Lead Mounted Rectifier.

1N4007 is a rectifier diode commonly used in electronic circuits. It is a general-purpose rectifier diode that is designed to be used in a variety of applications, including power supplies, battery chargers, and other electronic devices.

The 1N4007 diode is a member of the 1N400x series of rectifier diodes, which are rated for a maximum voltage of 1000V and a maximum current of 1A.

The IN4007 diode is a silicon-based rectifier diode, which means that it has a forward voltage drop of approximately 0.7V when conducting current. It is a unidirectional diode, which means that it conducts current in only one direction, and blocks current flow in the opposite direction.


1N4007 CDIL Datasheet PDF

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage: Vrrm = 1000 V

2. Average Rectified Current : Io = 1A

3. StorageTemperature Range: Tstg = -55 to +125 °C

4. Operating Junction Temperature: Tj = -55 to +150 °C


1. General-Purpose Low-Power Application

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1N4007 CDIL Datasheet PDF

1N4007 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

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