1N4007G Datasheet PDF – 1kV, 1A, Rectron ( Diode, Rectifier )

Part Number: 1N4007G

Function: . Current 1.0A, VRRM = 1000V, VRMS = 700V, VDC = 1000V.

Package: DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Rectron Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

1N4007G datasheet


The 1N4007G is a type of rectifier diode manufactured by Rectron Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor. It is a high-current, high-voltage diode that is designed for use in power rectification and voltage regulation applications. This is Glass passivated junction plastic rectifier.

The IN4007G is capable of handling a large amount of current and is designed to withstand high reverse voltage, making it well-suited for use in power rectification circuits, where it is used to convert AC power to DC power. The diode features a fast recovery time, ensuring that it can handle high-frequency switching applications. The diode also has a low forward voltage drop, which helps to minimize power dissipation and reduce energy waste in circuits.


1. High reliability

2. Low cost

3. Low leakage

4. Low forward voltage drop

5. High current capability

6. Glass passivated junction

1N4007G Datasheet PDF Download

1N4007G pdf

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