1N4733A Datasheet – 5.1V, Zener Diode – Vishay

Part Number: 1N4733A

Function : 5.1V, Silicon Zener Diode

Package: Lead Type

Manufacturer: Vishay

1N4733A zener diode


This is Zener Diode.


1. Silicon planar power Zener diodes
2. For use in stabilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating
3. Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5 %
4. AEC-Q101 qualified

Electrical Characteristics

1N4733A datasheet spec


1. Voltage stabilization

Zener Diode Seires

1N4728A 3.3V
1N4729A 3.6V
1N4730A 3.9V
1N4731A 4.3V
1N4732A 4.7V

1N4734A 5.6V
1N4735A 6.2V
1N4736A 6.8V
1N4737A 7.5V
1N4738A 8.2V
1N4739A 9.1V
1N4740A 10V
1N4741A 11V
1N4742A 12V
1N4743A 13V
1N4744A 15V

1N4733A Datasheet

1N4733A pdf


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