UP0111 PDF – 600mA, Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Part Number: UP0111

Function: 600mA, Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Package: SOT23, SOT39, SOP 8, DFN3x3 Type

Manufacturer: uPI Semiconductor

Images:UP0111 pdf pinout


The uP0111 is a compact fast response low dropout regulator specifically designed to continuously deliver up to 600mA output current. Designed with a P-channel MOSFET series pass transistor, the uP0111 yields extremely low dropout voltage (e.g. 300mVat 600mA) and maintains very low ground current (70uA).

Other features include foldback overcurrent protection, quick soft start, a nd overtemperature protection. The uP0111 is available in fixed output voltage from 0.8V to 3.3V with 0.1V per step or as an adjustable device with a 0.8V reference voltage. The device comes in various packages.


1. Wide Input Voltage Range from 2.5V to 5.5V

2. Ultra Low Dropout Voltage: 300mV @ 600mA

3. Ultra Fast Response in Line/Load Transient

4. Stable with 1uF Ceramic Output Capacitor

5. Low Ground Current: 70uA Typical

6. Low Shutdown Current: < 1uA

7. Foldback Output Current Limit

UP0111 datasheet regulator


1. Cellular and Cordless Phones

2. Bluetooth Portable Radios and Accessaries

3. Battery-Powered Equipment

4. Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook Computers

5. Hand-Held Instruments


UP0111 PDF Datasheet