29F32G08C Datasheet PDF – 32Gb, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: 29F32G08C

Function: Asynchronous / Synchronous NAND Flash Memory

Package: 52-pad LGA / 48-pin TSOP / 100-ball BGA

Manufacturer: Micron Technology

Image and Pinouts:

29F32G08C datasheet



This is 32Gb, Asynchronous / Synchronous NAND Flash Memory.

Micron NAND Flash devices include an asynchronous data interface for high-performance I/O operations. These devices use a highly multiplexed 8-bit bus (DQx) to transfer commands,address, and data. There are five control signals used to implement the asynchronous data interface: CE#, CLE, ALE, WE#, and RE#. Additional signals control hardware write protection (WP#) and monitor device status (R/B#).



1. Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 2.1-compliant1

2. Multiple-level cell (MLC) technology

3. Synchronous I/O performance :

(1) Up to synchronous timing mode 4

(2) Clock rate: 12ns (DDR)

(3) Read/write throughput per pin: 166 MT/s

Ordering Informations :


Other data sheets are available within the file:

29F128G08CJABA, 29F128G08CJABB, 29F128G08CKABA, 29F128G08CKCBB,


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29F32G08C pdf

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