2N3904 Datasheet – NPN Amplifier Transistor – Fairchild

Part Number: 2N3904

Function: NPN General Purpose Amplifier

Package: TO-92, SOT-23, SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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This device is designed as a general purpose amplifier and switch. The useful dynamic range extends to 100 mA as a switch and to 100 MHz as an amplifier.

2N3904 Datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCEO =40 V
2. Collector-Base Voltage : VCBO = 60 V
3. Emitter-Base Voltage : VEBO = 6.0 V
4. Collector Current – Continuous : IC = 200 mA

Download Datasheet : https://www.fairchildsemi.com/datasheets/2N/2N3904.pdf

2N3904 Datasheet


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