NS8002 Datasheet – Nsiway – Bridged Audio Power Amplifier

This is one of the semiconductor types.

This part name is NS8002.

Function: 3W mono audio power amplifier (High level ShutDown)

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

The manufacturer of the product is NSIWAY.


Image:NS8002 image


This IC is a bridged audio power amplifier. When 5V working voltage, maximum drive power is 3W (3ΩBTL negative Load, THD + N <10%). Device application circuit is simple, just a handful of peripheral devices; NS8002 output without external Coupling capacitors or bootstrap capacitors and snubber networks.

NS8002 Datasheet

Device using SOP package, is particularly suitable for large-volume, small weight portable systems; NS8002 by Control goes into sleep mode, thereby reducing power consumption; NS8002 internal overheating Automatic shutdown protection mechanism; NS8002 work Stable. By configuring the external resistor voltage gain amplifier can be adjusted to facilitate application.


1. High output power (THD + N <10%): 3W (3Ω load)
2. Power-down mode leakage current: 0.6μA (typical)
3. High ShutDown
4. External adjustable gain
5. Wide operating voltage range 2.2V ~ 5.5V
6. Without drive output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors and snubber networks
7. Using SOP package.

NS8002 Datasheet PDF

Datasheet Download : [  NS8002.PDF ]