2N4403 Datasheet PDF – PNP Transistor – ON Semiconductor

Part Number: 2N4403

Function: PNP silicon planar epitaxial transistor

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


2N4403 pinout



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Collector − Emitter Voltage : VCEO 40 Vdc
Collector − Base Voltage : VCBO 40 Vdc
Emitter − Base Voltage : VEBO 5.0 Vdc
Collector Current − Continuous : IC 600 mAdc

2N4403 Datasheet

2N4403 Datasheet
2N4403 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2N4403G, 2N4403RL, 2N4403RLG, 2N4403RLRA

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