2N4403 PDF Datasheet – 40V, 600mA, PNP Transistor

Part Number: 2N4403, MMBT4403

Function: -40V, -600mA, PNP Small Signal Transistor

Package: TO-92 Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

2N4403 datasheet



This device is designed for use as a general-purpose amplifier and switch for collector currents to 500mA. This is PNP General Purpose Amplifier.

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage: Vcbo = -40 V

2. Collector to Emitter Voltage: Vceo = -40 V

3. Emitter to Base Voltage: Vebo = -5 V

4. Collector Current: Ic = -500 mA

5. Junction Temperature: Tj = 150°C

6. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C


2N4403 PDF Datasheet Download

2N4403 fairchild

2N4403 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

2N4403BU, 2N4403TA, 2N4403TAR, 2N4403TF

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