2SA1470 Datasheet – Vceo=60V, 7A, PNP Transistor – Sanyo

Part Number: 2SA1470

Function: 60V/7A, PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor

Package: TO-220ML Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)


2SA1470 datasheet



1. Low saturation votlage.
2. Excellent dependence of hFEon current.
3. Fast switching time.
4. Micaless package facilitating mounting.


1. Inductance, lamp drivers.
2. Inveters, conveters (strobes, flashes, FLT lighting circiuts).
3. Power amplifiers (high-power car stereos, motor control).
4. High-speed switching (switching regulators, drivers).

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25˚C

1. Collector-to-Base Voltage : VCBO = -80V
2. Collector-to-Emitter Voltage : VCEO = -60V
3. Emitter-to-Base Voltage : VEBO = -5V
4. Collector Current : IC = –7V
5. Collector Current (Pulse) : ICP = -10A

Other data sheets are available within the file: A1470

2SA1470 Datasheet PDF

2SA1470 pdf