2SC2312 Datasheet PDF -20V, 6A, NPN Transistor – Mitsubishi

Part Number: 2SC2312

Function: 6A, 20V, RF Power NPN Transistor

Package: TO-220AB Type



2SC2312 datasheet



Mitsubishi 2SC2312 is a silicon NPN epitaxial planar type transistor specifically designed for linear amplifiers operationg HF band.


1. High Output, High Gain : Po = 17W, gpe = 10.5 dB, @ 27MHz, 12 V
2. Low IMD
3. Convenient plastic molded package.

Absoulute maximum ratings

1. Collector to Base Voltage: Vcbo = 60 V
2. Emitter to Base Voltage: Vebo = 5 V
3. Collector to Emitter Voltage: Vceo = 20 V
4. Collector Current: Ic = 6 A
5. Power Dissipation : Pc = 25 W

Other data sheets are available within the file: C2312

2SC2312 Datasheet PDF Download

2SC2312 pdf

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