43F22R Datasheet – 3W, 22 Ohm, Axial, Wirewound, Resistor

Part Number: 43F22R

Function: 3W, 22 Ohm, Wirewound, Resistor

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Ohmite Mfg. Co.

Image and Pinouts:

43F22R datasheet



Ohmite 40 Series resistors are the most economical conformal silicone-ceramic coated resistors offered. These all-welded units are characterized by their low temperature coefficients and resistance to thermal shock, making them ideal for a wide range of electrical and electronic applications.

Units with 1% and 5% tolerances are identical in construction and electrical specifications. Durable but economical 40 Series resistors exceed industry requirements for quality.


1. Economical

2. Applications include commercial, industrial and communications equipment

3. Stability under high temperature conditions

4. All-welded construction

5. RoHS compliant; add “E” suffix to part number to specify.

Other data sheets are available within the file: 40F10R, 40F1K0, 40F1R0, 40F250


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