M38503MXH-XXXFP Datasheet PDF – 8-bit Microcomputer

Part Number: M38503MXH-XXXFP


Package: SSOP 42 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi,  Renesas Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

M38503MXH-XXXFP datasheet



The M38503MXH-XXXFP is the 8-bit microcomputer based on the 740 family core technology.
The 3850 group (spec. H) is designed for the household products and office automation equipment and includes serial I/O functions, 8-bit timer, and A-D converter.


1. Basic machine-language instructions : 71

2. The minimum instruction execution time : 0.5 µs (at 8MHz oscillation frequency)

3. Memory size
(1) ROM 4 K to 32 K bytes
(2) RAM 192 to 1024 bytes

4. Programmable input/output ports 43

5. Software pull-up/pull-down resistors (Ports P0-P7 except Port P40)

6. Interrupts 16 sources, 16 vectors (includes key input interrupt)

7. Timers 8-bit ✕ 3, 16-bit ✕ 2

8. Serial I/O1 8-bit ✕ 1 (UART or Clock-synchronized)

9. Serial I/O2 8-bit ✕ 1 (Clock-synchronized)


1. Household appliances, consumer electronics, etc

2. Office automation equipment. FA equipment.


M38503MXH-XXXFP Datasheet PDF Download

M38503MXH-XXXFP pdf

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