5562A Datasheet PDF – Bias Power Supply ( 48-pin TQFN )

This is Bias Power Supply with High-Speed Amplifier and High-Accuracy LDO for LCD TVs.

Marking : 5562A

Part Number: G5562A, G5562AR11U

Function: Bias Power Supply with High-Speed Amplifier

Package: 7mmx7mm 48-pin TQFN

Manufacturer:  Global Mixed-mode Technology ( http://www.gmt.com.tw )

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5562A datasheet


The G5562A DC-DC converter provides regulated voltages required by thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD) panels in TQFN package. One step-up converter, one step-down converter, and two charge pumps convert the 8V to 14V input voltage into four output voltages. These features complete the power supply requirements of large screen LCD panels. The step-up converter provides source voltages VS and the step-down converter provides logic voltage for the system.

The dual charge pumps independently generate adjustable regulated output voltages VGL and VGH to bias the LCD. These four blocks operate with a fixed switching frequency of 500kHz or 750kHz.

5562A pinout

5562A pinout


1. 8V to 14V Input Voltage Range

2. 500kHz/750kHz Fixed Switching Frequency

3. High Voltage LDO for VREF

4. Gate Drive Signal to Drive External MOSFET

5. XAO Comparator

6. Thermal Shutdown


1. LCD TV Panels


Other data sheets are available within the file: G5562AR11U, G5562A

5562A Datasheet

5562A pdf


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