74OL6000 Datasheet – High-Speed Logic-to-Logic Optocoupler

Part Number: 74OL6000

Function: Optoplanar High-Speed Logic-to-Logic Optocoupler

Package: DIP 6 Pin

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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74OL6000 datasheet



The LSTTL input compatibility is provided by an input integrated circuit, with industry standard logic levels. This input amplifier IC switches a temperature compensated current source driving a high speed 850nm AlGaAs LED emitter. This novel integration scheme eliminates CTR degradation over time and temperature.


1. Industry first LSTTL to TTL and LSTTL to CMOS complete logic-to-logic optocoupler
2. Incorporates LED drive circuitry — use as a logic gate
3. Very high speed
4. Choice of buffer or inverter
5. Choice of TTL or CMOS compatible output up to 15 volts

TTL Buffer 74OL6000
TTL Inverter 74OL6001
CMOS Buffer 74OL6010
CMOS Inverter 74OL6011

74DL6000 – >  Correct Partnumber 74OL6000



Other data sheets are available within the file: 740L6000, 740L6001, 740L6010, 740L6011, 74DL6000

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