TDA5247 Datasheet – TDA5247HT for Quantum HDD – Philips

Part Number: TDA5247, TDA5247HT

Function: Chip for Quantum HDD Logic Board

Package: QFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips


TDA5247 datasheet pinout

Chips used to drive spindle motor (3 phase brushless DC) are Philips TDA5247HT or Panasonic AN8428GAK.

TDA5247HT, Philips, spindle motor + VCM controller
possible replacement for TDA5247HT = Panasonic AN8428NGAR

Reference Site:

TDA5247 Datasheet

Reference Datasheet : AN8428GAK, Driver for 3.5inch HDD motor

AN8428GAK is motor comb IC for 3.5inch HDD. By new retract circuit ,reduce external components and shorten the brake time of the disk to improve reliability of HDD. Spindle motor sensor less linear drive.
VCM linear drive , PWM-DAC control. Built-in Retract , 12 V/5 V/3.3 V power monitor, 3.3 V-Regulator.
80-pin TQFP package with exposed heat think.

■ Features
● By new retract circuit ,reduce external components and shorten the brake time 1/2 of the disk to improve reliability of HDD.
● Built-in shock sensor amplifier for mechanical shock protection and 3.3 V regulator for logic semiconductor.
● 10 dB acoustic noise reduction by trapezoidal current on spindle motor drive .
● 80- pin TQFP package with the smallest thermal resistance in the  industry. Meet to increase speed of HDD higher 30 % than previous.

TDA5247 Datasheet AN8428GAK datasheet



PALCE16V8Q-25PC Datasheet – Programmable Logic Device

Part Number: PALCE16V8Q-25PC

Function: EE CMOS (Zero-Power) 20-Pin Universal Programmable Array Logic

Package: DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Lattice Semiconductor


PALCE16V8Q-25PC Lattice


GENERAL Description

The PALCE16V8 is an advanced PALdevice built with low-power, high-speed,  electricallyerasable CMOS technology. It is functionally compatible with all 20-pin GAL devices. The macrocells provide a universal device architecture. The PALCE16V8 will directly replace the PAL16R8, with the exception of the PAL16C1. The fixed OR array allows up to eight data product terms per output for logic functions. The sum of these products feeds the output macrocell. Each macrocell can be programmed as registered or combinatorial with an active-high or active-low output. The output configuration is determined by two global bits and one local bit controlling four multiplexers in each macrocell.


PALCE16V8Q-25PC datasheet


1. Pin and function compatible with all 20-pin PAL devices
2. Electrically erasable CMOS technology provides reconfigurable logic and full testability
3. High-speed CMOS technology
(1) 5-ns propagation delay for “-5” version
(2) 7.5-ns propagation delay for “-7” version
4. Direct plug-in replacement for the PAL16R8 series
5. Outputs programmable as registered or combinatorial in any combination



PALCE16V8Q-25PC Datasheet PDF Download

PALCE16V8Q-25PC pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PALCE16V8H, PALCE16V8H-10, PALCE16V8H-10JC/4