7MBP150RA060 Datasheet PDF – 600V, 150A, IGBT IPM – Fuji

Part Number: 7MBP150RA060

Function: 600V, 150A, IGBT / Intelligent Power Module

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric

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7MBP150RA060 datasheet



1. Temperature protection provided by directly detecting the junction temperature of the IGBTs
2. Low power loss and soft switching
3. Compatible with existing IPM-N series pakages
4. High performance and high reliability IGBT with overheating protection
5. Higher reliability because of a big decrease in number of parts in built-in control circuit.

Absolute maximum ratings(at Tc=25°C)

1. DC bus voltage : Vdc = 450 V
2. DC bus voltage (surge) : Vdc(surge) = 500 V
3. DC bus voltage (short operating) : Vsc = 400 V
4. Collector-Emitter voltage: Vces = 600 V
5. DB Reverse voltage : Vr = 600 V


Other data sheets are available within the file: 7MBP150RA-060

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7MBP150RA060 pdf