7MBR15SA120 Datasheet PDF – 1200, 15A, IGBT Module

Part Number: 7MBR15SA120

Function: IGBT module (S series) / 1200V / 15A / PIM

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric

Image and Pinouts:

7MBR15SA120 datasheet



This is 1200, 15A, IGBT.


1. Low VCE(sat)

2. Compact package

3. P.C. board mount

4. Converter diode bridge, Dynamic brake circuit

Schematic :



1. Inverter for motor drive

2. AC and DC servo drive amplifier

3. Uninterruptible power supply

7MBR15SA120 Datasheet PDF Download

7MBR15SA120 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 7MBR15SA100, 7MBR15SA120D01

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