CXA1238S PDF Datasheet – FM/AM Radio Tuner IC

Part Number: CXA1238S

Function: High Performance one-chip bipolar IC (for AM/FM Strereo Radio)

Package: SDIP 30 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

Images:CXA1238S pdf pinout


The CXA1238S is a specific model of integrated circuit (IC) designed and manufactured by Sony Corporation. It is commonly used as an FM/AM radio tuner IC in electronic devices.


1. FM/AM Reception: The IC is capable of receiving FM and AM radio signals, allowing for dual-band reception.

2. RF Amplification: The CXA1238S includes built-in RF amplification circuitry, which helps amplify weak radio signals for improved reception.

3. Mixer and Oscillator: The IC incorporates mixer and oscillator circuits that are essential for frequency conversion and tuning.

4. Intermediate Frequency (IF) Amplification: The CXA1238S features IF amplifiers that help amplify the converted radio signals at the intermediate frequency stage.

5. Demodulation: The IC includes demodulation circuitry that extracts the audio signal from the modulated radio signals, enabling audio output.

6. Voltage Regulator: The CXA1238S may include a voltage regulator circuit that helps stabilize the power supply voltage for reliable operation.


CXA1238S datasheet sony

CXA1238S PDF Datasheet