DG302A Datasheet – (DG300A – DG303A) CMOS Analog Switches

This post explains for the semiconductor DG302A.

The Part Number is DG302A.

The function of this semiconductor is (DG300A – DG303A) CMOS Analog Switches.

Manufacturer: TEMIC Semiconductors

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DG300A/301A/302A/303A CMOS Analog Switches Features D D D D D D Analog Signal Range: “15 V Fast Switching—tON: 150 ns Low On-Resistance—rDS(on): 30 W Single Supply Operation Latch-up Proof CMOS Compatible Benefits D Full Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Range D Low Signal Error D Low Power Dissipation Applications D Low Level Switching Circuits D Programmable Gain Amplifiers D Portable and Battery Powered Systems Description The DG300A-DG303A family of monolithic CMOS switches feature three switch configuration options (SPST, SPDT, and DPST) for precision applications in communications, instrumentation and process control, where low leakage switching combined with low power consumption are required. Designed on the Siliconix PLUS-40 CMOS process, these switches are latch-up proof, and are designed to block up to 30 V peak-to-peak when off. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup. In the on condition the switches conduct equally well in both directions (with no offset […]

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DG302A Datasheet

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