JXI5020 PDF Datasheet – 16-Bit Constant Current LED Driver

A constant current LED driver is an electronic device used to power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a consistent and stable current, ensuring that the LEDs operate within their specified current range. LEDs require a constant current source rather than a constant voltage source because their forward voltage drop can vary with temperature and other factors.

Part Number: JXI5020

Function: 16 Constant Current LED Driver

Package: SOP 24, SSOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Macroblock

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JXI5020 is a driver chip specially designed for LED display panel using the latest Precision Drive technology. Its built-in CMOS shift register and latch function can convert serial input data into parallel output data format. The input voltage range of JXI5020 is 3.3 volts to 5 volts, providing 16 current sources, which can provide 3~45mA constant current in each output stage to drive LEDs.


JXI5020 pinout datasheet


1. 16 constant current output channels

2. The constant current output value is not affected by the load voltage at the output terminal, and the constant current range value,

(1) 3~45mA@VDD=5V;

(2) 3~30mA@VDD=3.3V

3. Very accurate current output value

(1) Difference between channels: <±1.5% (normal value); <±2.5% (maximum value);

(2) Chip-to-chip variation: <±1.5% (general value); <±3.0% (maximum value).

4. With an external resistor, the current output value can be set



1. General lighting, architectural lighting

2. Automotive lighting, signage, and industrial lighting

JXI5020 PDF Datasheet