SHG2 PDF – 2000V, 1.2A, Fast Silicon Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: SHG2, (SHG1 – SHG2.5)

Function: 1.2A, 2000V, Fast Silicon Rectifier

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Diotec Semiconductor

Images:SHG2 pdf rectifier


SHG2 is 1.2A, 2000V, Rectifier ( Diode ). A fast silicon rectifier is a type of semiconductor diode designed for rapid switching and efficient rectification of alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). These diodes are engineered to have a short reverse recovery time and are capable of switching on and off quickly, making them suitable for high-frequency and high-speed applications. Fast silicon rectifiers are commonly used in power supplies, voltage rectification circuits, and other applications where rapid switching and low switching losses are essential.

1. Fast Recovery Time: Fast silicon rectifiers have a very short reverse recovery time (trr), which is the time it takes for the diode to switch from conducting in the forward direction to blocking in the reverse direction. This short trr minimizes switching losses and improves the diode’s efficiency.

2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: These diodes typically have a low forward voltage drop (VF) when conducting in the forward direction. A low VF helps minimize power dissipation and heat generation in the diode.

3. High Switching Speed: Fast silicon rectifiers are capable of rapid switching, making them suitable for applications that require high-speed rectification, such as high-frequency switching power supplies.


SHG2 PDF Datasheet

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