KP20A600V PDF Datasheet – Phase Control Thyristor

Part Number: KP20A600V

Function: Phase Control Thyristor

Manufacturer: Jeenda

Images:KP20A600V thyristor


KP20A600V is 20A, Phase Control Thyristor.

A Phase Control Thyristor, also known as a Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR), is a type of semiconductor device used in power electronics for controlling high-power loads by conducting current in only one direction. It is a four-layer, three-junction semiconductor device with three terminals: an anode, a cathode, and a gate.

The basic operation of a phase control thyristor involves controlling the time at which it starts to conduct current during each AC half-cycle. This allows the thyristor to control the power delivered to the load and is commonly used for applications that require varying the output voltage or current to control the speed of motors, regulate power to heaters, and dim lights in lighting circuits.


1. Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator

2. Hermetic glassͲmetal seal

3. Conform to partial national standard JB/T8949.2-1999

4. In accordance with IEC international electrical committee standard


Typicla applications :

1. DC motor controls

2. Controlled DC power supplies

3. AC switch and thermal control

4. Synchronous motor excitation

Phase control thyristors find applications in various power control and conversion systems, including motor drives, temperature control systems, lamp dimmers, and AC power regulators, to name a few. Their ability to handle high currents and voltages makes them suitable for power electronics applications that require precise control over the flow of power.

KP20A600V PDF Datasheet

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