MSP4440K PDF – Multistandard Sound Processor ( Datasheet )

Part Number: MSP4440K

Function: Multistandard Sound Processor

Package: PQFP80, PLQFP64, and PSDIP64 Type

Manufacturer: Micronas Semiconductor


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The MSP4440K family of single-chip Multistandard Sound Processors covers the sound processing of all analog TV-Standards worldwide, as well as the NICAM digital sound standards. The full TV sound processing, starting with analog sound IF signal-in, down to processed analog AF-out, is performed on a single chip. Fig. 1–1 shows a simplified functional block diagram of the MSP 44x0G. […]

Analog Sound IF Input :

The input pins ANA_IN1+, ANA_IN2+, and ANA_IN− offer the possibility to connect two different sound IF (SIF) sources to the MSP 44x0G. The analog-to-digital conversion of the preselected sound IF signal is done by an A/D-converter. An analog automatic gain circuit
(AGC) allows a wide range of input levels.

MSP4440K Datasheet