MSP4440K PDF – Multistandard Sound Processor ( Datasheet )

Part Number: MSP4440K

Function: Multistandard Sound Processor

Package: PQFP80, PLQFP64, and PSDIP64 Type

Manufacturer: Micronas Semiconductor



The MSP4440K family of single-chip Multistandard Sound Processors covers the sound processing of all analog TV-Standards worldwide, as well as the NICAM digital sound standards and FM stereo radio. The full TV sound processing, starting with analog sound IF signal-in, down to processed analog AF-out (baseband audio), is performed on a single chip.

A multistandard sound processor is an electronic component or integrated circuit designed to process audio signals in various audio formats or standards. It is commonly used in audio systems, consumer electronics, and communication devices that require support for multiple audio standards.

The MSP4440K built-in stereo A/D converters offer a S/N ratio of 95dBA typ. The multiple D/A converters with analog volume and 0.125dB steps make use of the Micronas unique multibit Delta-Sigma technology, offering a dynamic range of 95 dBA typically. The DSP processing is performed at 48kHz sample rate, maintaining the full audio bandwidth of 20kHz.


1. ASD (Automatic Standard Detection) detects the actual broadcasted TV standard automatically.

2. ASS (Automatic Sound Select) switches automatically (without any I2C action) between mono/stereo/bilingual when the broadcast mode changes.

MSP4440K PDF Datasheet

MSP4440K pdf