STK442-110 – 14 Pin / Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK442-110

Function: 14 Pin / Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier

Manufacturer: Sanyo


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SPECIFICATIONS No. STK442-110 1. Case Outline 14Pins (See attached outline drawing) 2. Function class AB 2 channels AF power amplifier 3. Application 70W audio use 4. Maximum Ratings / Ta=25deg. Item Power Supply Voltage 1 Power Supply Voltage 2 Thermal Resistance Junction Temperature Operating Substrate Temperature Storage Temperature Available Time for Load Short-circuit *4 Symbol Conditions Vcc max(1) No signal Vcc max(2) Signal ,R L=8ohm ,6ohm Theta j-c Per one power TR Tj max Tc max Tstg Vcc=+-38V,RL=6ohm,f=50Hz ts PO=70W,1ch drive 2000.06.05 TENTATIVE Ratings Unit +-61.5 V +-54 V 1.9 deg./W 150 deg. 125 deg. -30 to +125 deg. 0.3 s 5. Operating Characteristics Tc=25deg.,RL=6ohm(Non-inductive Load),Rg=600ohm,VG=30dB Item Output Power THD Frequency Characteristics Input Impedance Output Noise Voltage Quiescent Current Output Neutral Voltage *3 *1 *1 *1 Symbol Po1 Po2 THD fL,fH ri VNO ICCO VN Conditions Po V f (W) (V) (Hz) +-38 20 to 20k +-38 1k *2 THD (%) 0.4 10 Ratings MIN. 70 110 0.2 +0 -3 dB 20 to 50k 55 Rg=2.2 kohm 1.0 80 -70 0 +70 TYP. MAX. Unit W % Hz kohm mVrms mA mV +-38 20 to 20k 70 +-38 +-38 +-46 +-46 +-46 1k 1.0 1.0 *Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. Note *1.1ch Drive *2.All tests are measured using a constant-voltage supply unless otherwise specified. *3.The output noise voltage is peak value of an average-reading meter with a rms value scale(VTVM). A regulated AC supply(50Hz) should be used to eliminate the effects of AC primary line flicker noise. *4.Available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage are measured using the specified transformer power supply. Specified Transformer Power Supply DBA40C 10000u + +Vcc 500ohm + 500ohm -Vcc 10000u m o c . u 4 t e e h as t a d . w ww (Equivalent to MG-250) Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd. Module Systems Division NO.1 Equivalent Block Diagram 1 9 TR1 TR2 D2 R3 TR6 R8 C4 TR9 C1 TR8 TR3 TR4 R4 R5 TR10 TR20 TR18 R14 R15 TR19 C2 TR16 C5 R18 C10 C11 R13 D3 TR12 TR11 10 11 TR14 TR13 14 13 R6 TR5 R2 D1 TR7 C7 R7 C8 TR17 R16 TR15 R17 R12 2 SUB 3 12 8 5 47 6 Test Circuit Ch1 +RE Ch1 -RE Ch2 -RE Ch2 +RE Ch1 IN Ch1 NF Ch2 NF Ch2 IN +Vcc -Vcc SUB -PRE +PRE BIAS 1 2 3 (*1) 4 (*1) 5 6 (*1) 7 (*1) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 220pF 220pF 56kohm 56kohm 1.8kohm 20kohm 1.8kohm 3pF 3pF 56kohm 56kohm 2.2uF /50v 1kohm 470pF Ch2 IN GND Ch1 IN Ch2 OUT 100uF /10v 100uF /10v +Vcc 100uF /100v 100ohm/1W 2.2uF 3uH /50v 100uF /100v 0.1uF 4.7ohm 4.7ohm/1W 4.7ohm/1W 3uH 0.1uF GND 100uF /100v 100uF /100v 470pF 1kohm GND Ch1 OUT -Vcc 100ohm/1W 4.7ohm SUB.GND (*1)Metal Plate Cement Resistor 0.22ohm+-10%(5W) No.2 Case Outline Unit:mm – No production described or contained herein are intended for use in surgical implants, life-support systems, aerospace equipment, nuclear power control systems, vehicles, disaster/crime-prevention equipment and the like, the failure, of which may directly or indirectly cause inj […]

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STK442-110 Datasheet

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