TEA-2025 Datasheet – Stereo Audio Amplifier ( PDF )

This post explains for the semiconductor TEA-2025.

The Part Number is TEA2025.

The function of this semiconductor is Stereo Audio Amplifier.

The package is Power DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

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The TEA-2025, TEA2025B is a monolithic integrated circuit housed in the 12+2+2 PowerDIP16 package, intended for use as a dual or bridge power audio amplifier in portable radio cassette players.


1. Dual or bridge connection modes

2. Few external components

3. Supply voltage 3 V to 15 V

4. High channel separation

5. Very low switch-on/off noise

6. Max gain of 45 dB with adjustable external resistor

7. Soft clipping

8. Thermal protection

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TEA-2025 Datasheet