TEA-2025 Datasheet – Stereo Audio Amplifier ( PDF )

This post explains for the semiconductor TEA-2025.

The Part Number is TEA2025.

The function of this semiconductor is Stereo Audio Amplifier.

The package is Power DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

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TEA-2025 pdf datasheet


The TEA-2025, TEA2025B is a monolithic integrated circuit housed in the 12+2+2 PowerDIP16 package, intended for use as a dual or bridge power audio amplifier in portable radio cassette players.

This is an electronic device that is used to increase the power or amplitude of an audio signal to drive one or more speakers. The term “stereo” refers to the fact that it amplifies two separate audio channels, typically the left and right channels of a stereo audio source, such as a music player, television, or a home theater system. Stereo amplifiers are commonly used in a variety of audio playback systems, including home audio setups, car audio systems, and professional audio equipment.


1. Dual or bridge connection modes

2. Few external components

3. Supply voltage 3 V to 15 V

4. High channel separation

5. Very low switch-on/off noise

6. Max gain of 45 dB with adjustable external resistor

7. Soft clipping

8. Thermal protection


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TEA-2025 pinout TEA2025 amplifier

TEA-2025 Datasheet

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