A1943 PDF Datasheet – 230V, 15A, PNP Transistor, 2SA1943

Part Number: A1943, 2SA1943

Function: -230V, -15A, PNP Transistor

Package: 2-21F1A Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


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A1943 pdf transistor


A1943 is -230V, -15A, Silicon PNP Triple Diffused Type Transistor.

A PNP transistor is one of the semiconductor components used in electrical engineering and electronic circuit design, belonging to the Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) family. The PNP transistor consists of three layers of semiconductor material: P-type, N-type, and P-type, each with different charges. The name PNP transistor stands for “Positive-Negative-Positive,” reflecting the characteristics of these three semiconductor layers.

PNP transistors are primarily used to control current and comprise the following key components:

1. Emitter: The emitter is the first layer and is made of P-type semiconductor material. The emitter serves as the primary source of current.

2. Base: The base is the second layer and is made of N-type semiconductor material. The base controls the current between the emitter and collector.

3. Collector: The collector is the third layer and is made of P-type semiconductor material. The collector collects the current, which flows from the emitter through the base.


1. High collector voltage: VCEO = -230 V (min)

2. Complementary to 2SC5200

3. Recommended for 100-W high-fidelity audio frequency amplifier output stage.


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A1943 datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Collector-base voltage : VCBO = -230 V

2. Collector-emitter voltage : VCEO = -230 V

3. Emitter-base voltage : VEBO = -5 V

4. Collector current : IC = -15 A

5. Base current : IB = -1.5 A

6. Collector power dissipation (Tc = 25°C) : PC = 150 W

7. Junction temperature : Tj = 150 °C

8. Storage temperature range : Tstg = −55 to 150 °C


1. Power Amplifier

A1943 PDF Datasheet

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