AD7572 Datasheet – High Speed 12-Bit ADC

The AD7572 is a complete, 12-bit ADC that offers high speed performance combined with low, CMOS power levels. This IC uses an accurate, high speed DAC and comparator in a successive-approximation loop to achieve a fast conversion time.

Part Number: AD7572AJN10

Function: High Speed 12-Bit ADC

Package: DIP 24 Pin Type, PLCC 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD7572 datasheet pdf


The AD7572 is a high-speed 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) manufactured by Analog Devices. An on-chip, buried Zener diode provides a stable reference voltage to give low drift performance over the full temperature range and the specified accuracy is achieved without any user trims. An on-chip clock circuit is provided, which may be used with a crystal for stand-alone operation, or the clock input may be driven from a external clock source such as a divided-down microprocessor clock. The only other external components required for basic operation of the AD7572 are decoupling capacitors for the supply voltages and reference output.


1. 12-Bit Resolution and Accuracy

2. Fast Conversion Time

– AD7572XX06: 5 µs

– AD7572XX12: 12.5 µs

3. Complete with On-Chip Reference

4. Fast Bus Access Time: 90 ns

5. Low Power: 135 mW


AD7572 pinout


1. Require high-speed and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion, such as data acquisition systems

2. Instrumentation, medical imaging equipment, and industrial automation.

AD7572 Datasheet PDF