AD8156 Datasheet – XStream 6.25 Gbps, Digital Crosspoint

Part Number: AD8156

Function: XStream 6.25 Gbps, 4 × 4, Digital Crosspoint Switch with EQ

Package: 49-ball, 8 mm × 8 mm BGA, 1 mm pitch Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8156 datasheet


The AD8156, a member of the Xstream line of products, is a high speed, fully differential, digital crosspoint switch. The part can function as a 4 × 4 crosspoint switch with double-latched memory, allowing simultaneous updates, or as a dual 2 × 2 with direct output control. The AD8156 has low power dissipation, typically 700 mW on 3.3 V with all outputs and input equalizers active. It operates at any data rate from dc to 6.25 Gbps per port. Each input channel on the AD8156 has a programmable input equalizer to compensate for signal loss over a backplane.

4 × 4, fully differential, nonblocking array
Configurable for dual 2 × 2 operation
DC to 6.25 Gbps per channel, NRZ data rate
Programmable input equalization compensates for over 40”
of FR-4 at 6.25 Gbps
Multicast and broadcast modes of operation
Programmable output swing
100 mV p-p to 1.6 V p-p differential
Power supply: 3.3 V (±10%)
Low power
No EQ: 400 mW typical
Maximum EQ: 700 mW typical
Inputs: ac-coupled or dc-coupled
Wide set of dc-coupled input standards
3.3 V/2.5 V/1.8 V CML or 3.3 V LVPECL
Control: LVTTL- or LVCMOS-compatible
Low additive jitter: 25 ps p-p typical
Low random jitter: 0.8 ps rms
Integrated 50 Ω termination impedance at inputs/outputs
Individual output disable for power savings
49-ball, 8 mm × 8 mm BGA, 1 mm pitch

Backplane equalization
Gigabit Ethernet
Fibre Channel

VTTI= VTTO= VCC= 3.3 V, VEE= 0 V, RL= 50 Ω, differential output swing = 800 mV, ac-coupled, data rate = 6.25 Gbps, PRBS 2(23)−1, VIN= 1 V p-p differential, TA= 25°C, unless otherwise noted.

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