ALC5633Q Datasheet PDF – I2S/PCM Interface Audio Codec

Part Number: ALC5633Q

Function: High Performance I2S/PCM Interface Audio Codec

Package: QFN 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor

ALC5633Q datasheet


The ALC5633Q, ALC5633Q is a high performance I2S/PCM interface audio codec. The main functions have Stereo Codec, Stereo Headphone Output, Stereo Differential Input, Stereo Line Input and Mono Class-AB/D Speaker Amplifier.

For audio inputs, one stereo differential microphone inputs, one stereo single-ended line inputs and stereo digital microphone inputs.

Block Diagram :



1. Audio jack insert detection and microphone switch detection

2. Power management and enhanced power saving

3. Support flexible digital 7 bands equalizer (EQ) and wind filter

4. Support analog to analog path with EQ function

5. Support digital spatial sound and pseudo stereo effect

6. Zero detection and soft volume for pop noise suppression

7. Inside PLL can receive wide range clock input

Other data sheets are available within the file: ALC5633, ALC5633-Q

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