AT42QT1010 Datasheet PDF – Touch Sensor IC – Atmel

Part Number: AT42QT1010

Function: Single-key QTouch Touch Sensor IC

Package: SOT23-6 Type

Manufacturer: Microchip, Atmel Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

AT42QT1010 datasheet



The AT42QT1010 (QT1010) is a digital burst mode charge-transfer (QT) sensor that is capable of detecting near proximity or touch, making it idealfor implementing touch controls.

With the proper electrode and circuit design, the self-containeddigital IC will project a touch or proximity field to several centimeters through any dielectric like glass, plastic, stone, ceramic, and even most kinds of wood.

It can also turn small metal-bearing objects into intrinsic sensors, making them responsive to proximity or touch. This capability, coupled with its ability to self-calibrate, can lead to entirely new product concepts.

Application Circuits :



1. Number of Keys :

(1) One – configurable as either a single key or a proximity sensor

2. Technology :

(1) Patented spread-spectrum charge-transfer (direct mode)

3. Key outline sizes:

(1) 6 mm × 6 mm or larger (panel thickness dependent); widely different sizes and shapes possible

4. Electrode design :

(1) Solid or ring electrode shapes


Other data sheets are available within the file: AT42QT1010MAH, AT42QT1010TSHR


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