K827 Datasheet PDF – 450V, 16A, N-Ch, MOSFET – NEC

Part Number: K827

Function: 450V, 16A, N-Channel MOSFET

Package: TO-3PML Type

Manufacturer: NEC ( Renesas Technology )

Image and Pinouts:

K827 datasheet



This is 450V, 16A, N-Channel Silicon Power MOSFET.


1. Suitable for switching power supplies

2. actuator controls and pulse circuits Low RDS(on)

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Drain to Source Voltage : Vdss = 450 V

2. Gate to Source Voltage : Vgss = +- 20 V

3. Continuous Drain Current : ID(DC) = +- 16V

4. Total Power Dissipation : Pt = 3.0 W



1. Fast Switching

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2SK827

K827 Datasheet PDF Download

K827 pdf

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