BA5412 Datasheet PDF – 9V, 15W, Dual Power Amplifier – Rohm

Part Number: BA5412

Function: 9V, 15W, Dual Power Amplifier.

Package: ZIP 12 Pin

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor

Image :
BA5412 Image


The BA5412 / BA5413 are 9 ~ 15 V dual power amplifiers. The BA5412 is a 9V, 4 Ω type not requiring heat dissipation plate. Excellent in basic characteristics such as low total harmonic distortion, the amplifiers are provided with a standby switching funtion.


1. High Output Power
2. Excellent tone quality.
3. Wide supply voltage range. : Vcc = 5.0 ~ 18.0 V
4. Minimal Power-on/off pop noise
5. Built-in protective circuit against ripple of starting motor
6. Unchanged starting time against supply voltage

Block Diagram ( Pinout )

BA5412 datasheet


1. Radio cassette

BA5412 Datasheet PDF Download

BA5412 pdf

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