BA7606F Datasheet – Video Signal Switcher, SOP 16 ( PDF )

Part Number: BA7606F

Function: Triple-circuit Video Signal Switcher

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor


BA7606F datasheet



The BA7606 and BA7606F are switching ICs developed for use in video cameras. Each contains three two-channel analog multiplexers. They feature a large dynamic range, and wide operating freqency range, and the switches have pedestal clamp inputs which are ideal for switching RGB and video signals.


1. Contain three 2-input, 1-output switch circuits

2. Power supply voltage(4.5 ~ 5.5V)

3. Low power consumption

4. Good frequency charcteristics

5. Excellent frequency characteristics (10MHz, – 1dB Typ.).

6. Wide dynamic range (2.6Vp-p Typ.).

7. Fast switching speed (50ns Typ.).


1. Video cassette recorders and televisions

Other data sheets are available within the file:

BA7021, BA7602F, BA7603F, BA7604N, BA7605N


BA7606F Datasheet PDF Download

BA7606F pdf

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