BD9285F PDF – Boost 1-Channel White LED Driver ( Datasheet )

Part Number: BD9285F

Function: Boost 1-Channel White LED Driver

Package: SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

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BD9285F is a high efficiency driver for white LEDs and designed for large LCDs. This IC is built-in a boost DCDC converters that employ an array of LEDs as the light source. BD9285F has some protect function against fault conditions, such as the over-voltage protection (OVP), the over current limit protection of DCDC (OCP), LED over current protection (LEDOCP), the open detection of LED string.

BD9285F pinout datasheet



1. Current mode DCDC converter

2. Vout discharge circuit as shutdown

3. LED protection circuit (OPEN protection, LED OCP protection)

4. LED protect detection as small PWM dimming signal

5. Over-voltage protection (OVP) and low-voltage protection (SCP: short circuit protection) for the output voltage Vout

6. Adjustable soft start time constant

7. The wide range of analog dimming 0.2V-3.5V

8. The built-in transformation circuit from pulse to DC

9. 2 PWM dimming signal



TV, PC display and other LCD backlight system.

Key Specifications:

1. Input voltage range: 9.0V to 18.0V

2. DCDC oscillation frequency : 150kHz (RT=100kΩ)

3. Active current consumption : 1.2mA(Typ.)

4. Operating temperature range : -40℃ to +85℃  […]


BD9285F PDF Datasheet