BP5131D Datasheet PDF – High Voltage Linear LED Driver

This is one of the LED Driver types.

Part Number: BP5131D, BP5131DB, BP5131DC

Function: High Voltage Linear LED Driver

Package: TO-252-3 Type

Manufacturer: Bright Power Semiconductor ( http://www.bpsemi.com/ )


BP5131D datasheet price


The BP5131D is designed for linear driving LED strings with high forward voltage low LED current in line condition.

The BP5131 is a high current precision Linear LED Driver,integrated with High Voltage regulation switchers and JFET supply, specially designed for AC line LED strings forwarded with high voltage and low current.

In application, it supports a quite small BOM benefit from no ECAP and no Magnetics, compile with EMI and safety standard.


BP5131D transistor pinout


1. High integrationall SMTs in small size.

2. No ECAPs and magnetics

3. Integrated with 500V HV MOS, saved on safety components.

4. Fast startup

5. LED current set by external resistors with ±5% accuracy.

6. On chip thermal regulation.

7. Compensation for line regulation

Absolute Limit

1. 500V HV interface : D= 500 V

2. Saturation current @ TJ_max : ID_MAX = 80 mA

3. Low voltage pins : CS = -0.3~6 V

4. Power dissipation : PDMAX = 1.8 W

5. Thermal Resistor : θJA = 70 ℃/W

6. Junction Temperature : TJ = -40 to 155 ℃

7. Storage temperature range : TSTG = -55 to 150 ℃


1. GU10/E27 LED retrofit lamps

2. LED candle

3. Other LED lighting


Other data sheets are available within the file: BP5131DB, BP5131DC

BP5131D Datasheet

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